A Fake Cake?!
We all go through the same process and shock when we organise our wedding. As soon as you mention the "W" word prices seem to skyrocket.
The wedding cake is no exception and seems to be a real tough pill to swallow for all of us "I'm sorry... HOW MUCH!?!??!"

Most of the time we end up compromising on what we want versus what we can afford, after all the cake is just a show piece for pictures. By the time the cake hits the table most guests are full, dancing, or riding the wave of champagne and dont even notice the cake.
So why spend so much money on food that doesn't get enjoyed or in a lot of cases eaten? Spend it on your dress or honeymoon instead!
We asked ourselves the same question and couldnt come up with an answer hence the birth of Fake the Cake!

Our Story...


How does it work?

As the Fake Cakes are not made from any food products, they can be posted anywhere (great for destination brides!) or delivered well in advance of your special day.  Leading up to the wedding all you need to do is make an appointment to come and see us (we now can also organise your yummy slab cake) to feed as many people as you have attending and we can

ice your slab cake similar to your chosen fake cake. You will be amazed at the cost difference for a slab to a full, fresh wedding cake!

Can we cut the cake?

YES! We either put a small wedge of flower oasis or if the Bride and Groom wish to eat a slice in front of guest, then a wedge of cake in their chosen flavour. The cake cutting ceremony happens as normal with the lovely couple cutting and posing for photos.  Reception staff then will take the cake to the kitchen, and present the guests with the slab cake. No one will ever know they aren't eating your actual wedding cake! We are also able to provide the slab cakes in your chosen flavour choice to serve to guest. The slab cakes are covered in ganache and fondant to make your wedding cake.


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We are located in Sydney and have a cake studio you can come visit, play with some foam tiers to see what combination of tiers work best and pick up a cake sample pack if wanting to have sheet cakes.

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