Frequently Asked Questions

When should we order and make an appointment?  

Please book early to avoid disappointment, as we only accept a certain number of orders each month as they are handmade with love! Don't assume because your wedding isn't for a while that it will be ok for you to book closer to your wedding date. Busy bridal months book up very early. We are already taking bookings up to 2018, so get in touch ASAP to secure your date. If you have an emergency or your wedding is fast approaching & you haven't booked your wedding cake yet, please call  0411244636.



Do you accept cutom orders?

Yes! We are more than happy to look at any cake designs you have...we will let you know if it's something we can't do. Please forward us a design, picture or sketch of the cake that you like. A $99 fee for large custom orders may apply.   

Is one layer real?

No. The whole cake is made of non-edible ingredients BUT you still get to eat cake!! Our cakes might look like fondant, but there is no fondant in any of our cakes. Some cake decorators will do a few fake layers but it still ends up being expensive as they need to be decorated which is very time consuming and results in un-necessary expense for the bride and groom. 

Can we cut the cake?

Yes! We provide a pre-cut slot on all cakes in the bottom layer at the back of the cake. This pre-cut slot will be discretely covered with a small tail ribbon indicating where you are to cut. 

So what cake do we eat at the wedding if it's not made of food ingredients? We still want to eat cake!

The Bride and Groom source & deliver their own slab cake to the reception venue. Your Fake the Cake purchase price does not include any actual edible slab cake. We however now can make your slab cakes for you. Pricing will depend of flavours. Please discuss with Kirsten.

Can our wedding cake be posted?

Yes! We are happy to post your Fake Cake ANYWHERE actually! Even Bali, Kenya, Fiji, Hayman Island for destination brides! Postage is at the bridal couples expense and we are happy to provide you with a quote. At least you will know what you're getting at the other end!

We suggest that you ask someone you trust to carefully set up your cake at your venue on your wedding day. 

Be specific when you communicate with them about where you want your cake flowers or decorations placed.

We suggest you take utmost care with your cake at all times - treat it as if it is a real cake as they are fragile.


Will our cake look exactly the same as the ones in the pictures?

Yes! Remember you can also opt to change colours or decorations used on your cake to suit your theme. Pricing may slightly change if you want more bling, lace or time consuming decoration included. Destination brides love good artificial flowers, but many brides will order fresh flowers to decorate their fake cake. Again we can recommend some wonderful (affordable) florists in Sydney.

Do the cakes look real? Where can we see the cakes?

Yes!!! We have had wonderful compliments from many cake decorators who have worked in the craft for 35 years - and they couldn't tell!To com and see the cakes please contact us to make an appointment on 0411244636. Don't worry if you aren't too sure what you want yet, together we can work it out pretty quickly & it's a lot of fun! Under our 'Links' tab you will be able to see where some of our cakes are currently on display. We also attend many bridal our facebook page so you can keep up with expos we will be attending.

What do we do with the cake after our wedding'?

After your wedding all cakes must be returned to Fake the Cake and cannot be kept.  Essentially it is a 'hire'. If your reception is in Sydney, we will collect the cake from your reception venue on the first working day following your wedding and a wrap up/collection fee of $50 applies at time of booking. Quiet often the same cake is also booked out to another bride in the few weeks following your wedding, so please take good care.
You can't just decided after your wedding to 'keep the cake'. We are happy to specifically make a cake for you to keep but we must know well in advance of your wedding and it will attract a higher price than what is displayed on our website.   

When do we need to pay?

If your wedding is more than 6 months away a 20% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your date. If your wedding is within 6 months, an initial 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your date. The final balance will be payable no less than six weeks before your wedding. Transfer details can be obtained be emailing 

Oh...Just one more thing...

We understand that organising a wedding can be very stressful! We are happy to work with any couple, but our workplace is a bridzilla free zone! Fake the Cake reserve the right to terminate our relationship with the customer at any time if they cannot treat staff members of Fake the Cake politely and with respect.

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